Yellowstone by BruceFinocchio
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A Bison Wallowing And Rolling In The Dried Grass And Loose Dirt
A Coyote Casts Its Shadow As It Steps Out From The Cut Bank Of The Yellowstone River
Pilot And Index Peaks From The Beartooth Highway Before The Winter Storms
Young Male Rocky Mountain Elk In The Sagebrush Hills Above Gardiner Montana
A Climbing Male Bighorn Sheep Strides Out With Front Leg To Place It On A Large Granite Boulder
A Coyote Looks Out On The Yellowstone River From A Bank Cut Along Its Shore
A Majestic Bull Elk Raises His Head To Show His Dominance
A Pika Rest Its Paws On A Granite Boulder As It Surveys Its Surrounding
Bull Bison Rolls Around In The Dusty Dry Soil With Legs Up In The Air
Bull Bison Stops And Rubs His Belly Against A Granite Boulder
Bull Elk Bugling On The Bench Above The Gardner River
Bull Elk Feeds On The Dried Grasses On The Bench Above The Gardner River
Coyote Gnaws On A Waterfowl Bones It Found Along Side Of The Yellowstone River
Coyote Hunting Along The Dried Grass Shore Of The Yellowstone River
Female Bison Drinks With Her Calf From The Waters Of Soda Butte Creek
Sow Grizzly Bear Pauses During Her Walk Across The Sagebrush Of Soda Butte Valley
Two Least Chipmunks Greet Each Other Within Their Granite Boulder Environment
Young Grizzly Bear Cub Standing Up With Its Paw On Its Face
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